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A unique, fun and enjoyable team building event designed to fire up creativity and enhance team communication, collaboration and connection.


Working in small groups, the challenge is to invent a fragrance which captures the very essence of your company brand in scented form. A bespoke fragrance that is unique to your brand and specifically reflects your people, culture, products or services. In a nutshell, your Brand in a Bottle.


Teams will be guided through the fascinating world of fragrance creation by master Perfumer, Sara Lucia, before collaborating to design, create and blend the perfect fragrance.


This event is ideal for small or large groups and appeals to both men and women. It runs for approximately 2 1/2 and we can bespoke this event to your specific requirements.

Brand in a Bottle

Creative Team Building Event

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Tell your brand story through the power of scent

Indulge in a journey of sensory pleasure as master Perfumer, Sara Lucia, guides teams through the art of fragrance creation.


The day starts with an introduction to the basics of fragrance design explaining how to structure a fragrance with the right mix of top, middle and base notes. Participants will also learn about the ingredients and characteristics of the different fragrance families including floral, woody, fruity, oriental and green.

Event Programme

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Our Perfumer will present many exquisite and exotic essential oils and fragrances for participants to sample. Each team will decide on the type of fragrance they want to create and then select a unique recipe of ingredients to reflect their interpretation of your company brand.


With guidance from our Perfumer, teams will use their creative flair to blend their chosen ingredients into a fine, top quality fragrance. Every delegate will take home a sample of their 'Brand in a Bottle' creations.


There is the option of including a competitive element where final 'Brand in a Bottle' fragrances are judged for the best match to the company brand.


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