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Delve deeper into of perfume making. If you adore perfume then you will love this 1 day perfume class which is ideal for those people who have attended our 'Art of Perfume' course, or who have previous experience of perfume making.


In this perfume class you will use a wider range of essential oils and fragrance oils and learn to structure perfume blends like a master perfumer to create more complex and interesting perfumes with greater depth and longevity.


You will get plenty of hands on practical experience under the expert tuition of Artisan Perfumer, Sara Lucia. By the end of theday you will have created 2 entirely different smelling perfumes from your chosen fragrance families.

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A fun, entertaining and fascinating half day that introduces you to the magical world of bespoke perfume making.


You will be get to sample an extensive range of essential oils and fragrance oils and learn about the different fragrance families and, under the expert guidance of our Perfumer Sara Lucia, you will  discover how to structure your perfect  perfume blend.


At the end of the session you will get to take home your beautiful, handmade and bespoke 25 ml perfume in an elegant glass atomiser.


Why wear a perfume that everyone else is wearing when you can create your own bespoke fragrance?


Create your own bespoke perfume that you absolutely love and is perfect for you. Using the finest ingredients create a luxurious blend that feels and smells like an exclusive designer perfume, only better because it’s bespoke and unique to you.


Our expert Perfumer will guide you step by step to design and create your bespoke perfume from scratch, no pre-mixed ingredients on our courses.


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