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Sara Lucia's Story

Sara has spent her lifetime studying and learning about perfume with the last five years devoted to mastering the art and developing her premier collection.


Sara's belief that perfume expresses ones personality and can also influence mood like nothing else inspires her to create unique and distinctive fragrances that capture the very essence of happiness, vitality and allure.


Her debut collection realises her vision with Vivacious being lively and effervescent, and Sensational exuding confidence and sensuality.


Sara's creative process begins with choosing a particular feeling that she wants the perfume to conjur up when worn. Then by combining some of the finest raw materials with floral and fruit essences, resins, woods and other exotic ingredients, she creates exquisite blends which capture the very essence of the intended mood .



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Sara Lucia Perfumes - About Us

Sara Lucia is a British, Independent Perfumer who lovingly handcrafts her beautiful perfumes by blending the most precious, highly prized and fine quality ingredients.


Using a combination of artistry and alchemy, Sara Lucia has taken the heart of classic perfumery and given it a contemporary twist ensuring that her perfumes are modern, relevant and distinctive.


Our Eau De Parfum women's perfumes are specifically designed to evoke feelings of pleasure and immense wellbeing. Our philosophy is that our perfumes should make the wearer feel like the most fabulous version of themselves.


We put our heart and soul into every perfume creation and every single bottle is handblended and handpoured with love.

Her passion for perfume was fuelled when she worked for the French perfume giant, Givenchy, in her 20's. However, her love of perfume was ignited much earlier on in her life when, as a little girl, she vividly remembers watching her late Mother getting ready for a party or ball, her dressing table littered with an array of beautiful and mysterious perfume bottles. Spritzing herself with her favourite scent her Mother would remark that perfume could make you feel even more beautiful and special, it is the finishing touch! It is this sentiment which runs through all Sara's perfumery.

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